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“We leverage our network of 16+ agents, with over 250 years of combined real estate experience and tens of thousands of contacts, to help our buyers find the ideal home and negotiate the best possible price.” — Sally Forster Jones

Having closed more than 6,000 transactions representing $9.5 billion in activity, we have fostered close relationships with other luxury real estate agents and homeowners throughout Los Angeles. These robust connections keep us aware of offmarket homes before they are listed in the general marketplace and allow us to know when homeowners are thinking about selling their home. This gives our buyers an early advantage over their peers.

With decades of industry experience, we are empowered with the wisdom, knowledge, and savvy to guide our clients through every type of market and economic environment.

Today, homes across all price points often receive multiple offers. As one of the top luxury teams both locally and nationally, we help our buyers navigate this process by working closely with them to understand their unique desires, needs, budget, and financing options to help them make their dream home a reality.