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Vincent DiMauro

Luxury Real Estate Advisor
Client-focused and highly personable, Vincent DiMauro leverages his 15 years of business experience with his exceptional rapport and strong work ethic to create a dynamic, effective, and lasting impression on his clients. His enthusiasm and calming nature allow him to make strong personal connections—an essential component of the buying and selling process. Vincent has served the western region of Los Angeles and West Hollywood since 2005. The diverse people and strong sense of community are what he loves most about living here, and he makes it a point to get to know his neighbors. Talking to the locals—from the farmers at the market to the nearby butcher—is what makes LA feel like home to him. Vincent’s real estate career kicked off in 2019 after 13 years of working as an IT/telecom recruiting director. He spent more than a decade helping people change their lives via career moves before transitioning to the real estate industry, assisting clients in finding their dream homes. For the most part, Vincent has continued to serve the same community, just in a different capacity. He primarily works with the 30-55 age group, and lately, he has been targeting a higher financial bracket catering to the luxury market. He is always eager to guide his clients through life-changing moments. Vincent’s favorite part of the job is seeing his clients take that next step to become a homeowner. His clients trust him to advocate, support, and help them navigate the housing market with his smart, data-driven approach. Vincent prides himself on being forthright, transparent, and open with his clients throughout every step of the process. As someone with a sociology degree, Vincent is an excellent listener and has an impressive set of communication skills, all of which are vital to a career as a real estate professional. You’ll often find Vincent baking sweet treats in the kitchen for his incredible wife and three kids or volunteering for his children’s school. He teaches a monthly class about senses and is also a little league coach.