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Janet Muradian

Luxury Real Estate Advisor
An experienced dealmaker with a designer’s eye, Janet exceeds her client’s expectations with her intuitive, personal approach, sophisticated aesthetic, and business acumen. Janet’s strength as an agent comes as no surprise given her professional and academic background. With a bachelor’s in Communications and a Master in Business and Marketing she can easily navigate the over-saturated listing content, readily identifying properties that are actionable for her clients and the channels by which she can access them. Janet’s approach to real estate is more personal than most, and she believes that this personal touch leads to successful transactions for her clients. Everyone knows location matters most when choosing a property. As a native Angelino, Janet knows every corner of the city from the oceanfront to the hills, as well as all the cuisine, nightlife and local culture the area has to offer. Janet’s clients rely on her guidance for staging properties for sale as well as evaluating a prospective new home. Her passion for design and discerning appreciation for architecture, interior design and art enable her to fully grasp the significance of each one-of-a-kind property. But location and design are nothing without the right marketing strategy and the proven ability to quickly close transactions. Janet knows how to make a property stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract the right kind of buyers. She’s also an experienced negotiator with a deep network of relationships across the city. Her loyalty and discretion ensure complete professionalism and confidentiality at every touch point. Janet’s energy and enthusiasm along with her strong business acuity guarantee client satisfaction at every stage of the transaction. Beyond simply finding the right property, Janet is equipped to advise on everything from pricing and financials to design and decor, neighborhood, cuisine, nightlife and local culture. Janet’s approach to business is always one of strict professional discretion and loyalty, ensuring neither the identity nor vision of her client ever be compromised. With a passion for real estate in her blood, Janet is looking forward to expanding her practice long term to include global investments and developments worldwide. She’s building a roster of like-minded clients who share her passion for beautiful places and modern architecture. Janet would love to partner with you providing a custom tailor approach to fit your exact needs and wants, from consultation to closing.