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The Power of the View

The Power of the View

June 10, 2019 |

One of the greatest qualities of the Beverly Hills luxury real estate market is its abundance of stunning views. While some homes boast bedazzled vistas of twinkling city lights, others are surrounded by more natural settings, featuring outlooks of the canyons or scenes of the nearby coastline. The Beverly Hills market also holds locations that offer a combination of these settings, allowing homeowners to relish in the urban nature of Los Angeles, while also possessing an easy escape away from the busy happenings of city life.

Southern California provides its residents with the luxury of beautiful weather year-round. Homeowners are often able to enjoy such views in the outdoor settings of their homes (i.e. their backyards, balconies, etc.). However, in Los Angeles, any temperature below seventy degrees is considered “cold,” which Angelenos use as a warrant to bust out their winter wear and huddle up indoors. Therefore, residents of these luxury estates should also possess the option to enjoy the scenery from the inside of their homes. Thus, many homes are built with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide a mixed indoor-outdoor living experience. Residents can enjoy their surrounding settings in various locations within their homes, whether they are sitting in their backyard or lounging on the couch in their living room. Some buyers want their home to feature panoramic views, while others would rather view the scenery within isolated areas within their estate. The Beverly Hills market holds no shortage of residences to meet these various interests.


1201 Laurel Way

Located atop a promontory in Beverly Hills, this Modern luxury estate boasts views of the California coastline, Catalina and Downtown Los Angeles, acting as the epitome of a home that offers residents a diverse visual experience. The estate also features expansive disappearing glass walls, providing occupants with a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor living. Its wrap-around infinity edge pool gives residents yet another opportunity to enjoy the location’s stunning views.


1677 N. Doheny Drive

An architectural marvel, this home is located in the famed Bird Streets and exclusive Doheny Estates. This luxury estate boasts striking views of both the ocean and city, which will amaze homeowners and guests alike. Its large windows allow residents to extract the maximum benefit from these awe-inspiring views. Glass pocket doors fill the central living space with abundant natural light and providing the opportunity for residents to enjoy the outdoor breeze. 

9127 Thrasher

Situated only moments away from Los Angeles’ iconic sunset strip, this luxury estate’s unique location allows residents to enjoy panoramic city views. This contemporary development boasts disappearing walls of glass that give residents direct access to these views from various locations within the home. Visitors can also enjoy the city outlooks from the estate’s horizon level infinity pool.


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