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The 20 Most Expensive Homes That Sold in the US This Year

From John F. Kennedy’s old Palm Beach digs to Jeff Bezos’s new Beverly Hills manse, these are the sales that took the ultra-prime market by storm.

Let’s face it, 2020 is a year most would like to forget—and that’s no less true of the real estate market. The Covid-19 pandemic dealt a catastrophic blow to the global economy, and it changed how we did business. Of course, the view depends on where you’re sitting, and those with means still bought their share of lavish, over-the-top homes. The pandemic, however, shaped the contours of the prime market unlike any factor in recent memory. As high-density cities like New York City struggled to move their square footage, more tucked-away (read: socially distanced) coastal areas like Montecito, California, and Palm Beach, Florida, saw huge spikes in activity. (Indeed, Palm Beach is now among the hottest real estate markets in the world, with contracts jumping up by 62 percent in September alone.) So, while condo towers and townhouses languished, private beach homes and secluded mountain abodes have never been in higher demand. Noticing a theme here? In one of the strangest, most alienating years on record, buyers ultimately prized seclusion and privacy above all else.

As part of our annual ritual, we’ve crunched the numbers to round up 20 of the most expensive homes that sold in this very weird year. Consider it one final look back before putting 2020 in the rear view for good.

8. Sky Garden, Bel Air, California — $60 Million

Sometimes all you need is a really good concept (and some equally good renderings). That was the pitch for developer Viewpoint Collection, who presented a 21,000-square-foot home by South African design firm SAOTA—and sold it. The home is partially built, so there’s some evidence that the glitzy renderings will come to life as advertised, and the location on top of Bel Air does provide some pretty stellar views. The final product will also include a separate guest house with its own private deck and pool; a larger, infinity-edge pool; an indoor wellness center with a gym, sauna, steam room and hot and cold plunge pools; and not one, not two, but four kitchens.


Written by Helena Madden

Source RobbReport

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