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Nathalie Esber

Real Estate Project Manager
With good reason, she is known as Nathalie with an “H,” “H” for Honesty, Hard work and Highest quality service. Having a deep passion for helping people, she thrives on problem solving and utilizing her exceptional communication skills to serve her clientele proactively, with a warm and focused manner. Having resided in the Middle East and Europe, her work there with ministers and government officials in the oil and gas industry taught her the absolute discipline of confidentiality. Nathalie is multi-cultural and fluent in English, French and Arabic. She earned her BA in International Relations from the University of California (Riverside). With the desire to best utilize her unique talents, specifically in the field of serving clients in the real estate sector, Nathalie brings her natural sophistication and “whatever it takes” aptitude to the table, utilizing detail-oriented skills to create a win-win opportunity for all. Nathalie enjoys spending time at the beach, traveling, learning new languages and sharing meals with family and friends.