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Look Inside the Beverly Hills Compound LeBron James Is Reportedly Buying

Look Inside the Beverly Hills Compound LeBron James Is Reportedly Buying

July 10, 2020 |


Why buy?

While these two Brentwood homes are seriously sweet pads, this latest acquisition is definitely fit for the King.

“First of all, it’s very private,” says local expert Sally Forster Jones, executive director of luxury estates for Compass and president of the Sally Forster Jones Group. “That would work for someone like LeBron James.”

And with the pandemic showing no signs of abating, this property offers some hard-to-find features that appeal to a megawatt star with millions at his disposal

“It’s like a private resort, where you don’t have to leave at all to go anywhere,” says Jones. This is an ideal perk for the basketball legend when he returns from the NBA’s makeshift bubble in Orlando, FL.

The acreage makes this property particularly valuable, adds Jones. “It’s very hard to find 2.5 acres in this area.”

Despite the home’s large lot and privacy, the commercial district of Beverly Hills is easily accessible.

“It’s close to everything but still far enough away so you have the privacy and you have the land,” she adds.

In fact, the property in one of the country’s most exclusive ZIP codes is something of a hat trick.

“It’s very hard to get … land and views and privacy. All three of those things as a combination are very difficult to get,” she says.



Written by Claudine Zap

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