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How Zaha Hadid and the ‘Megamansion King’ Joined Forces to Create This $36.5 Million Beverly Hills Estate

How Zaha Hadid and the ‘Megamansion King’ Joined Forces to Create This $36.5 Million Beverly Hills Estate

The King of the Megamansion and the Queen of the Curve came together to achieve a stunning result.


In a zip code as rife with extravagant mansions as 90210, it can be tough to differentiate your eight-figure offering. One way to stand out from the pack, of course, is to have a starchitect’s name attached to the place. And while Zaha Hadid didn’t design this $36.5 million home—that distinction belongs to Richard Landry, otherwise known as the “King of the Megamansion” for his work constructing spectacular residences for celebs like Mark Wahlberg, Tom Brady and Sylvester Stallone—the Queen of the Curve did contribute a few key features.

Chief among Hadid’s contributions is a dramatic wall that runs along the main staircase. According to listing agents Sally Forster Jones and Shauna Walters of Compass, Hadid supervised its placement to ensure everything met her standards. There are only two others like the rippled piece in existence. In the living room are a series of Mercuric Tables, which were also original designs of the late architect. The wall piece, obviously, is a part of the home and is included with the sale. The tables, however, can be negotiated separately with the seller.

The Zaha Hadid wall piece, which runs along the main staircase.

The 12,434-square-foot home also has all the bells and whistles that devotees have come to expect from a Landry estate, such as its glass walls and an infinity pool—this one in the front yard—that takes full advantage of the views.

The infinity pool and view. 

A spacious living room on the first floor flows into an outdoor lounge area, and on the lower level is a floor-to-ceiling wine cellar, a theater and a spa. The second floor is dedicated to the master suite, which has dual bathrooms and closets. Rooms on the upper floors are all a stark white to let the light in—the basement features a darker, moodier color palette.

The living room with the Mercuric Tables. 

Set on a one acre lot, the six-bed, nine-bath home is also appropriately secluded, with a gated entrance and a long driveway leading up to it. The next owner may well choose to remake the place yet again, however, its ties to the late Hadid already make it pretty priceless.


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Written by Helena Madden

Source RobbReport

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