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Jordan Medwin

Luxury Sales Agent

Jordan Medwin grew up between New Jersey and New York City and originally came to Southern California to work as a police officer. After dedicating many years to serving his community, he decided to pursue his passion for Real Estate. After all, his time in law enforcement had given him plenty of skills that would serve him well. Constant stress, long hours, and hard work are nothing new for him. As a result, Jordan is adept at finding solutions during rapidly evolving situations and building rapport even in the most high-stress circumstances. As Jordan says, "Real Estate is no different fundamentally; you’re always looking for solutions to problems that arise unexpectedly. You have to remain calm, professional, and perform even when most wouldn’t be able to. It’s a lot of pressure, but you have to believe in yourself.”

Jordan’s thorough attention to detail, hard work, meticulous diligence, and putting the client’s needs before his own are just a few of the fundamentals he prides himself on. He is always available to his clients, and that is one of the main points that sets him apart. He doesn’t stop until the task at hand is resolved.

Jordan’s acclimation to the Real Estate industry first began as an investor. He has an eye for properties with great ROIs and value appreciation. He has managed multiple short-term rental properties and is proficient in generating substantial return on investment both rental-wise and when sold. Jordan relies on a keen ability to locate and manage homes, rent them for great cash flow, and sell them for even greater profit.

While VP of Sales for a local consultant firm, Jordan has handled budget analytics, strategic planning, and start-to-finish transportation logistics pertaining to highly confidential government contracts.

Jordan also has extensive lending knowledge due to having completed his NMLS mortgage lending course in the state of California. Therefore, Jordan is familiar with the mortgage industry—which is a crucial aspect of buying and selling homes. This additional experience has given him a deep understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of most Real Estate transactions.

Jordan looks forward to building life-long relationships with his clients by offering a professional, but personal high-touch experience. He presents a strategic plan to his clients and works closely with them to get them what they need in a timely manner. He always puts his clients first and advocates for their best interest at all times.

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