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Amna Khalid

Real Estate Advisor

When it comes to both local and international business, Amna Khalid is the exceptional trustworthy key. She is the modern bridge between Los Angeles and the Middle East. Amna’s credibility as an agent and as an entrepreneur comes as no surprise given her personal, academic, and professional background. She is a resolute person who focuses very much on her clients’ needs and makes sure that nothing gets in the way when closing a deal.

Amna was born and raised in different countries in the Middle East. She is well known for her exotic international background; she speaks different languages yet her main language is art and real estate combined together. Her passion for real estate was born through her father as he is an investor and a successful international entrepreneur. As soon as Amna decided to finish her BA in visual arts and design she decided to pursue her career in real estate as a luxury agent in Los Angeles, where she can surf, create art, and cook creative recipes. 

In a world that knows as much joy and beauty as it does suffering and pain, Amna believes that the only true victim of wars are children. At just four years old, she experienced firsthand the terror of war in her innocent and tender heart—leaving her with a deep passion and enduring empathy for young ones affected. Therefore, she likes to help children of wars find new homes, assist them with much-needed supplies, or help them in any way possible.

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