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6 Tips for Selling Your Los Angeles Home in Spring

The weather is perfect, the year is still fresh, and more homes are selling in midspring than any other time of year. Whether you are selling a single-family property or a vast estate in the hills, here are six tips for selling your home in the first season of the year.

1. Use Professional Imagery

In a competitive market where you want your property to fetch top dollar, photos snapped by your listing agent with a point-and-shoot camera or phone just won't cut it in this day and age. Hire a seasoned photographer, one that specializes in real estate, to capture high-quality images to power the assortment of marketing materials that will bring buyers clamoring to make the highest bid. High-quality images set the tone and can add a tremendous amount of perceived value to your already-valuable property.

2. It’s Not What You Know

When it comes to selling your home in L.A., it’s who you know that matters. An agent with a vast number of connections to domestic and international buyers can more likely find the best fit for your home. Agent connections are especially significant if your home comes with some highly coveted and/or unique features such as a large wine cellar or a home theater. An experienced agency can make sure your home has viewings by the buyers most likely to put in a bid. In the case of a high-profile buyer or seller, a savvy agent can ensure that a sale takes place in privacy.

3. Think Outside the Box

The Los Angeles market is a city full of surprises, eccentric characters and incredible diversity. Sometimes selling a property takes a creative touch to generate a buzz and distinguish the property from the pack. Visibility and hype can be created by throwing an original themed party or offering interesting incentives to the right buyer. There are several effective strategies an agent can take to give your sale the additional boost to drive awareness.

4. Go Global

International interest in Los Angeles real estate is always high, due to the prominence of the city, the high value of properties in the area and the enjoyable temperate weather. Being represented by an agency with a global presence and reach can help move your sale along by broadcasting it to a much broader market.

5. Keep Up Appearances

Before listing your home, bump up the curb appeal of your property by making sure that from the street it looks like a real winner. Refresh a front lawn that looks less than luscious, and make sure you plant a grass well-suited to Los Angeles and the climate here. Make sure your landscaping looks fresh, beautiful and vibrant. Remove and replace sad-looking plants. Trim, water and fertilize to keep existing plants well-maintained. Gardens are a significant determinant of value for many buyers.

6. Price It Right

Even for an ultra-luxe property, the listing price will impact the speed at which a property sells. Avoid the temptation to overinflate the value of your home. On many occassions, homes priced slightly lower than the actual selling price the seller hopes to receive perform best on the market. Buyers will see it as a bargain and often end up in a bidding war, which can earn you a final selling price more than you might have expected. An experienced agent is no stranger to this strategy and you should make sure your agent is able to justify the listing price they suggest for your home.

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